Advertising Compliance | How to get marketing and legal teams thriving

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In our experience, many corporate clients face a number of challenges with their legal ad review process. This is particularly evident in highly regulated industries like insurance, retail or FMCG that may need to manage high volumes of marketing initiatives. Many of these challenges stem from the issues that in-house marketing and legal teams experience […]

How To Deal With Negative Reviews Online | Options For Removal

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If your business has ever received a negative review online, whether it be on social media, a marketplace, Google, or anywhere else online, it can be incredibly frustrating. Particularly when it is unwarranted or you have suspicions that it may be fake. The good news is that you don’t always need to accept a review you […]

Defending Copyright Infringement Claims | What To Do When You Receive A Cease And Desist Letter

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Defending copyright infringement claims can be challenging. In this article we explore the most common types of copyright infringement, the possible consequences, what happens if an infringement was unintentional, and what to do first when you receive a cease and desist copyright infringement letter. Received a letter accusing you or your business of copyright infringement? […]

Enforcing Trademark Rights | When a Foreign Business Infringes Your Australian Trademark

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The internet has created a readily accessible global marketplace that sees international businesses being able to sell to Australian consumers from anywhere in the world. Enforcing trademark rights in Australia is possible. Learn how below. If you own an Australian trademark, registration gives you the exclusive right to use that trademark in Australia in relation […]

What Should You Do When You Receive a Cease And Desist Letter From A Lawyer?

If you’re a fashion designer starting your own label, it’s essential to think about how you will protect the intellectual property in your clothing designs and brand. You will need to consider your options from a design, copyright, and trademark law perspective to decide on your IP protection strategy. This article looks at some of the basics you’ll need to think about.